Home for Life prototype might deliver net zero energy home for everyone

The Home for Life prototype is the inspiration of a Danish concept that is otherwise known as an “Active House.” It was specially designed to bring carbon-neutral houses to the masses, and is currently the initial of eight experiments which VKR Holding is doling out the dough in five European countries. Basically, this is supposed to be a self-sufficient house which relies on eco-friendly materials, where its rooftop comprises of an array of solar panels and energy-scrimping designs to deliver enough juice to cater to its daily energy requirements. Should there be a surplus, all of it will be sent to the grid for the betterment of mankind, of course. Some of the features include specialized windows, tight insulation, a climate-control system and solar thermal collectors, where a sample of it in action generated 800 kilowatt-hours of electricity just in the month of August alone. This home isn’t going to be cheap with the prototype costing $700,000 on average, but with mass adoption, the final sticker price might just drop to far more affordable levels.

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