LG projector phone to come with remote touch operation

What is the next step to ensure your cellphone is one of the more modern convergence devices around? Why, throw in pico projector functionality, of course. While the LG Expo and Samsung Beam are already there, they are still somewhat a novelty, and LG could expand on their initial work with the following patent application dubbed “Mobile terminal with image projection”. It involves a method that can remotely sense gestures/touch which a user performs on a projected image, somewhat like what you get in Minority Report, manipulating elements on a “screen” that is hanging in mid-air. It will probably require a whole lot of processing power and well writted, solid software, not to mention your cellphone should be plugged in when you’re using this feature if it ever comes out due to the potentially power hungry requirements. It is only a matter of time before something like this rolls out though.

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