Microsoft Adaptive Keyboard Takes On Optimus Maximus

Unfortunately, Microsoft won’t be taking its adaptive keyboard concept to the maximus, meaning that the masses will probably never see the keyboard concept in action as it will remain a concept, a good concept that takes on the Optimus Maximus. Like the Optimus Maximus, the Microsoft keyboard will have a long touchscreen LED panel at the top that will probably provide shortcuts and commands depending on the app or program you’re running on your PC, hence the “adaptive” name to the context-sensitive function.

Aside from the touchscreen panel right above the keys on the keyboard, the individual keyboard keys themselves have LED panels as well. This could potentially be great for professional video and audio editors and engineers who work through a ton of keyboard shortcuts while going through their work-flow.

Student innovators at the UIST contest will be given a keyboard, fortunately, so the design won’t go to waste. and will be asked to hack and tweak the keyboard. Winners will be given cash prizes.

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