MSI Wind Top AE2420 offers stereoscopic 3D in all-in-one package

MSI has introduced the first high performance 3D all-in-one machine in the world, namely the Wind Top AE2420. After all, jumping aboard the stereoscopic 3D makes sense as everyone’s doing it these days, never mind that the technology is still in its infancy at the moment. Not only does the Wind Top AE2420 come with a full HD 3D multi-touch display, it also boasts a 120Hz high scanning frequency LED panel that is roughly double the speed of an average display to make sure your eyes don’t get too tired out when viewing 3D images. When used in tandem with the bundled exclusive MSI3D Infinity shutter glasses, you ought to be able to have a smooth sailing viewing experience without any of the problems normally associated with 3D viewing, including blurred 3D images caused by visual angle deviation. Other hardware specifications include Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, an ATI Mobility Radeon HD5730 discrete graphics chip with DirectX 11 support, USB 3.0 connectivity, and MSI Premium Sound Technology. No idea on pricing though.

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