Mutewatch makes an impression   the silent way

The Mutewatch is different from the rest of the analog models out there since you will not have to listen to the (reassuring to some) tick-tock of its second hand moving. Instead, this is one timepiece that actually lives up to its name, where it will probably surprise people to know that it is a watch in the first place. After all, it comes with a hidden display (similar to those found on selected cellphones) which will only activate upon touch, and your finger is used to swipe through various options like timer, clock and alarm. As for its alarm, you won’t find any audio coming out of it – it will vibrate when the alarm is set off. Pinching it will turn the alarm off, although we do wonder whether it comes with a snooze button. Great for those who are hard of hearing, this $25 Mutewatch. Of course, the price point might actually cause some of you to bite on it, but don’t be fooled since it will actually be considered as a “downpayment” for the full $260 price point when it finally ships once you place your pre-order.

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