MXI Security offers secure 64GB Stealth USB devices

MXI Security knows how much importance you place on your data, which is why it has delivered its latest range of 64GB Stealth USB devices, which would be the Stealth M-Series and the Stealth MXP Bio. Targeting government customers (guess home users are ruled out on this one) who want high-capacity devices for Secure USB Desktop (SUDs) such as Stealth ZONE Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard Edition, a secure portable desktop which enables one to boot Microsoft Windows natively from a Stealth USB device, they will definitely offer a new dimension in data security unlike ever before. Powered by Bluefly, which is also the first first security processor for USB devices in the world, these 64GB models will come with AES 256-bit hardware encryption, up to 3-factor authentication (i.e. combinations of password, biometric, and/or CAC/PIV cards) and advanced manageability and identity capabilities. The MXI Security Stealth product family will come in a wide range of capacities, starting from 1GB to 64GB. [Press Release]

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