New battery technology could reduce EV battery pack costs by a mile

One of the costlier parts in electric cars would be its battery pack, and we bring you good tidings of a new form of battery technology which could potentially reduce an electric car battery back cost by up to a whopping 85%. This breakthrough would definitely be welcome by all, as it can also be translated to other devices such as consumer electronics and the ilk. Imagine your notebook running for a few days before requiring a trip to the nearest power outlet. This new battery technology has been dubbed 24M, where it comprises of a semisolid energy storage device while relying on the best attributes of conventional batteries, fuel cells, and flow batteries. It is hoped that this new battery will see action in the next five years. The sooner the better, we say. After all, don’t you want to save up to $10,000 in your next electric vehicle purchase?

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