Novero debuts new hands-free car kits

Talking on the phone while driving is a big no-no in many states as well as countries worldwide, as it endangers not only your life but that of other motorists since your concentration is divided. Well, one way of getting around this problem would be to have someone else take all your phone calls when you are driving, or you can always opt to use a hands-free kit instead. Novero has designed two of such hands-free car kits as a solution, where they are easy-to-use with voice-dialing and voice control for both SMS and email functions. All sound will be routed through the speakers of the vehicle, where you can adjust the volume and mute the microphone manually whenever you hold a conversation. Not only that, audio can be streamed straight from your cellphone or Bluetooth-enabled devices without missing a beat. All Novero car-kits come with a sleek remote control and a mounted display screen. You can pick up TheTrulyOne for $159, while TheTrustyOne is $40 cheaper.

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