nPower PEG charger loves kinetic energy to juice itself up

nPower PEG charger loves kinetic energy to juice itself up

How many of you out there actually tote a backpack? If you’ve answered in the affirmative, then might we suggest checking out the nPower PEG charger? This unique device aims to harvest all kinetic energy generated by you as you walk around (or even bike or run), as long as you place this 9″ tall device in your bag vertically. There are 100 interchangeable adapters to suit a variety of devices, and we’re pretty sure mountain trekkers will find this tool useful especially when they know they’re a long way off from the nearest power outlet, and their cellphone or iPod needs some juice, pronto! 10 minutes of walking ought to be able to eke out a minute of iPhone 3G talk time, while you get a decent return of 1 minute of MP3 playback from the same amount of time spent on walking.

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