OmniVision OV7727 webcam sensor does VGA resolution

Before you give the OmniVision OV7727 webcam sensor a miss simply because it offers a mere VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) which is by far an large unbelievable in this day and age, bear in mind that is due to its size. Targeting notebooks, tablets and other devices which hold extremely thin displays, the OV7727 will shoot at VGA resolution while using a similar backside illumination as larger handset and dedicated camera sensors. Being in this format ensures it remains slim enough to squeeze into displays that measure a mere 2mm deep without suffering from a loss of image quality. According to OmniVision, the resolution isn’t the only thing determining image quality, since the output itself is touted to be ultimately better than its previous webcams of similar resolution, boasting better low light performance compared to its predecessors alongside support for fully automatic exposure, gamma and white balance. Expect volume production to kick off this September.

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