Palm could be developing palmtop with detachable handset

Palm isn’t exactly the company of the moment, what with having being purchased by HP earlier this year, but here’s an idea that they’re toying with – a palmtop device that comes complete with a detachable cellphone. Described in a fairly recent Palm patent application that was filed at the end of April 2010, it could very well be the future – after all, touchscreen displays seem to be growing larger with each release, where a cap ought to be introduced in due time since holding a 10″ tablet to your face while talking on it is rather ridiculous. By including a small, removable voice-only handset, it could very well solve the dilemma, although there is the issue of having batteries built into both devices which might weigh it down more than what most people are comfortable with. They will “talk” with each other using Bluetooth connectivity, and we think it is useful for those who want to pen down information on the other end during a conversation without having to search for a piece of pen and paper. This patent application might just be realized as a piece of hardware one day – or not.

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