Redrock Micro Nano Mount makes it easy to shoot movies with DSLR camera

So you’ve got yourself one of those spanking new DSLRs that are capable of shooting HD video as well – the next thing is, how are you going to achieve a professional looking movie without having the camera’s view go all over the place? Enter the Nano Mount from Redrock Micro, as this kit will allow you to construct your own unique filming rig with the addition of grips, chest braces and handles. Its grip is but a simple handle which can be screwed into the tripod mount, while the pair of chest braces enables you to hold the camera with one hand, while focusing with the other. As for the handles, you can place them on top and at the side for you to tote it around like a briefcase or an underwater-style rig. Depending on the number of handles and braces you require, it will cost anywhere from $100 to $500 to get started.

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