RIM Escapes India BlackBerry Eviction for Another 60 Days

With its line of BlackBerry smartphones set to be banned from India at the end of this month, RIM’s steps at mitigating the ban may be working for now as the company has ceded to some of the Indian government’s requests, though the exact terms are still unknown.

India had wanted access to confidential and encrypted information sent to and from a BlackBerry smartphone, citing security concerns, but Research in Motion had said in the past that this access was not possible. The exact terms of the RIM-India deal are not known, but according to India, “RIM have made certain proposals for lawful access by law enforcement agencies and these would be operationalized immediately. The feasibility of the solutions offered would be assessed thereafter.” The Indian government is saying that they will re-evaluate RIM’s proposal and solution again after 60 days.

If a ban would have gone into effect at the end of the month, it is estimated that 1 million BlackBerry users would be affected by the move.

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