cetus fcc

The good people at the FCC have revealed that the Samsung Cetus, another Windows Phone 7-powered handset, has just been approved. Too bad there there aren’t any further images of the device, but we do know that it does come with 850/1900MHz 3G frequency which would more or less point it towards AT&T – don’t rule out other compatible carriers though. We first heard of the Samsung Cetus at a Bluetooth SIG listing, which is also known as the I917. Among the features you can expect from this would be a 4″ AMOLED display, a 5-megapixel camera (that’s pretty normal these days), Wi-Fi N and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, GPS navigation, an integrated FM radio and a microSD memory card slot. It will just be a matter of time then before the Cetus lights up the market, and we aim to be ready for its release announcement.

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