Sneak Peak: Dell Streak Loaded With Android 2.1


While Dell’s Android-powered Streak phone/tablet still hasn’t been released in the US yet, the folks over in the UK will be getting the Android 2.1 update in early September. Sure, we’d much rather get Android 2.2, but considering that the Streak initially shipped with the ancient Android 1.6, getting Android 2.1 is still great news. There are a slew of improvements, including multi-touch support for Google Maps, an improved dial pad skin, the removal of the number pad on the right side of the virtual keyboard, and updated camera interface amongst other things. The downside is that there are still some disappointing factors, such as the fact that users are still forced to hold the device in landscape mode, and the home screen being updated to only support 24 icons instead of 32 icons at one go. Still, the move from Android 1.6 to 2.1 is a good one, and hopefully Dell will fix all the little problems when it decides to offer Android 2.2, and also release it stateside. Till then, you can check out a video of Android 2.1 running on the Dell Streak after the jump.

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