Transit Shelter offers safety in spite of electric storms

Getting struck by lightning is nothing to laugh about as it could result in death, so when there is an electrical storm in your area the next time round and you’re out in the open, don’t you wish you could run to the Transit Shelter as seen here? Designed by Arato Designs, the Transit Shelter looks simple despite boasting a spacious area for a bus stop as well as an extra high ceiling and wide entry to allow 360° view of the surroundings. The higher-than-normal ceiling might not be too conducive when it really pours, as strong winds will drive water to those seeking shelter under it – but that’s something to be ironed out only if the concept takes off. Boasting a steel structure, it will be wholly wrapped in plastic for added safety in electric storms. Nice to know the shelter length can be increased or decreased (albeit not automatically) via adding or removing 5’ x 5’ modules according to the number of occupants. With solar panels on its roof, it ought to be able to generate enough electricity to power its overhead information panels and provide illumination at night.

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