Vending machine spits out prescription drugs

Looks like vending machines have just gotten another job responsibility in their portfolio – we’re looking at them delivering prescription drugs down the road. Take England for example – the country dispenses 886 million prescription drug items per year, where such new technology is hoped to streamline the process. While it does raise questions on whether drugs inside are safe and thief-proof, it also has ethical aspects to considering including whether one can fraudulently pick up the medicine meant for others. Two different types of machines are currently being trialed, where the main objective would be to see such vending machines roll out across England. It will take a year of customer feedback for the machine at supermarket chain Sainsbury’s in West Sussex before a decision can be made to extend the vending machine’s services at other stores. An advantage the machines hopes to deliver would be shorter customer queuing times – a huge plus point in today’s rat race.

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