Wearable cameras that stream footage live can help chart dementia

Boffins at the University of Bordeaux are currently developing a method to stream live footage from body-mounted cameras in order to measure objectively the cognitive decline associated with dementia. At the present moment, doctors normally rely on the accounts provided by relatives or caregivers who might just have the wrong perception on a patient’s condition, since those accounts could be influenced by a slew of other factors. With live data from a camera, the doctor is able to make a much more objective assessment, and with that hopefully place a metrics system to gauge whether the patient is improving or not. Let’s just hope the battery in the live cam can last more than a few hours – especially when it is performing live streaming. Does this mean it comes with a built-in connection somewhere to work just about anywhere, or must one use it only within the vicinity of the home’s Wi-Fi network?

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