Wind powered car might not sound so crazy after all

With the ever rising costs of fuel, you do ask yourself whether it is possible for cars to be powered using air? The Kazaguruma concept might just be the thing then assuming everything with its concept is fleshed out correctly – after all, this wind force mobility project will employ the power of the wind courtesy of an automobile which can utilize it in an extraordinary manner. The clever combination of air resistance and dynamic lift will make this car zip along pretty well, and it has been proven to work without being sluggish at all. A lot of it is attributed to the Magnus effect, which in layman’s terms, will require the spinning of a fan at the back in order to create a whirlwind effect, with the resulting force causing a forward motion for the whole vehicle. Don’t expect to see this hit the market anytime soon though as we suspect it will be a concept for a long time more.

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