17-year Old Boy And A Japanese Developer Linked To Twitter Security Flaw?

A 17-year old boy from Australia claims that he might have accidentally set off the whole Twitter security flaw. Reports state that he might have exposed the security flaw by tweeting a piece of code related to the onMouseOver JavaScript function that caused a pop-up to appear when a user moved his mouse over the message. The code was quickly picked up and modified to perform all sorts of tasks, some funny, some malicious. He might not be solely responsible though, as he claims that he modified the idea from another user (the Japanese developer) who used the code to make his tweets colored, meaning the flaw was exposed before that. Apparently Twitter had been notified of the flaw before, and it was patched, but a recent update caused the flaw to surface again. Fortunately the issue has since been resolved, though it does serve as a good warning how fast such security issues can be spread via the power of social networking.

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