Apple iPod nano 6G costs just $45.10 per unit?

With the world’s economies still clawing their way back from a recession that happened a couple of years back, it is no wonder that more people are getting conscious about what kind of bang they get for their buck. Where the recently released iPod nano 6G is concerned, this 8GB portable media player retails for $149, but according to Club Cupertino, each unit costs only $45.10 to manufacture, which means the retail price has been marked up by at least 300%. Of course, this doesn’t mean the final full cost of the iPod nano 6G stands at less than $50, since we would have to include in marketing and promotional costs as well, but those are rather more obscure to make a more accurate judgment. After knowing this, would you still go ahead and purchase an iPod nano 6G with a broad smile?

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