AT&T delivers brand new Pay-As-You-Go data plans as well as 3G portables

AT&T’s range of mobile data plans have further expanded today, bearing the company’s first options for prepaid data. The DataConnect Pass will empower folks who own a notebook that features integrated 3G connectivity, where it means you can pay for a limited amount of data use without having to worry about forking out tons just because you can’t stop yourself from surfing anywhere and everywhere. Still, its rates will carry a premium for such freedom at $15 per 100MB of data over a day, where $30 should net you a week’s pass with 300MB of data, while a full month (at 1GB) will cost $50. No idea on whether this prepaid data plan will be available for stand-alone modems only though, since it already exists for the iPad. Among the new portables that will sport such data options include a bunch from Acer.

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