Audyssey Audio Dock: South of Market Edition does iDevices and others

Audyssey’s Audio Dock: South of Market Edition is a sound system that will not only cater the range of iDevices but will also work with any Bluetooth-enabled device as well thanks to a stereo Bluetooth audio link which will not only push music but calls as well wirelessly. Apart from a neat looking design, Audyssey’s Audio Dock also comes with automatic EQ, voice and volume tuning in order to maximize the performance of your woofer and tweeter pairs. If you so desire, you can hook this up directly to your computer via USB to enjoy MP3 tunes in better clarity than before (subject to your MP3 file quality, of course). Microphones have been included on the dock itself just in case you decide to make VoIP calls over it. Shipping will commence from this fall onwards, where it will retail for around $399. Great for those who want to save space on their desks without sacrificing on performance.

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