Boxing video game in UK to help men improve health

Getting enough exercise as well as eating right is the key to good health, and this mantra has been drilled on and on by our doctors for a long time already (to not much effect apparently). For those living in Teesside in the UK and are overweight in the middle age category, you might just have the incentive to start sweating it out – thanks to an exercise-based video game which was developed to enthuse a population which is generally pretty reluctant to take up sport or exercise.

This title will rely on a motion capture device that was built from LED clusters and inertial measurement units, where it delivers greater sensitivity than consoles like the Nintendo Wii to be able to register more accurate estimates of energy expended by the gamer. It is pretty bulky at the moment though (but that’s to be expected) with a combination of sensors sitting on a controller in each hand, while you wear a head band and a chest piece. Both two controllers are meant for use by your hands, and will be linked to the belt via a rubber resistance band for you to expend actual effort to throw a punch. What’s the title of the game, Bar Brawl?

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