CCTVs smart enough to spot abandoned baggage, track owner

Are CCTVs smart or dumb? More often than not, it will require a human presence behind the CCTV system’s numerous “eyes”, but then again technology has gotten a whole lot more advanced that algorithms are able to pick out criminal behavior or skip footage that is irrelevant. Recently, a consortium of ten organizations from a half dozen European countries is formed to develop a concept that involves video monitoring of public spaces. Dubbed the SUBITO project, (Surveillance of Unattended Baggage and the Identification and Tracking of the Owner), it is self-explanatory when you break down the acronym – it will look out for unattended baggage at the end of the day and start identifying who’s the last person who left it there. Pretty useful for genuine cases, and is also great for tracking down those who decide to leave dangerous packages like a bomb. Needless to say, the technical challenges behind such a project is monstrous, but we do wish the consortium all the best as the world will definitely be a much safer place if something like this were to be implemented successfully, although others might not want to be looked at all the time.

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