CUPP Laptop Has ARM and x86 Processors for Instant On Access

Norwegian computer company CUPP Computing has created a laptop that sports both a powerful x86 and low-power mobile ARM processor. The laptop is designed for ease of multitasking and fast booting, especially when in ARM mode, to handle quick tasks like web browsing and emailing so that users don’t have to wait to fully power on the Windows operating system.

The CUPP laptop has both an Intel Core 2 Duo chip based on the x86 architecture that can handle more robust tasks and run Windows. For lighter and quicker tasks, the ARM-based chip design provides instant-on computing and low battery consumption, making use of the Texas Instruments 720MHz OMAP ARM Cortex A8 CPU. Other specs include 4 GB RAM (or 512 MB when in ARM mode), a shared 320 GB HDD, 16-inch LCD display, keyboard, 3 USB ports, and HDMI output. On the ARM side, the system will run Ubuntu LXDE, Midori Web Browser and Gimp where Linux office applications, multimedia playback, web browsing, and emailing are all supported.

Hardware will be finalized at the end of the month and volume production will begin soon.

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