Denon AH-NC800 dual noise-cancelling travel headphones

Whenever you go traveling on a long haul flight, chances are you would want as much peace and quiet as possible so that you can arrive at your destination well rested. Denon’s got your back in the form of the AH-NC800 dual noise-cancelling travel headphones, boasting technology that cuts out external noise by up to 99%. This is made possible courtesy of a couple of microphones embedded, where one of them will cancel noise from the outside, while the other will further suppress external sound which might leak inside the headphones. Targeting digital portable music players, the headphones will also feature Denon’s Compressed Audio Restorer active circuitry that reconstructs MP3 and MP4 recordings in order for whatever songs you’re listening to sound more natural as though your ears were enjoying the original source recording. A solitary AAA battery is said to deliver up to 40 hours of noise cancelling. Be prepared to fork out $350 for the Denon AH-NC800 headphones as it hits the market next month. Essential tool if you want to avoid listening to small little kids crying their lungs out through the entire trans-Atlantic flight.

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