Exmovere to deliver Exmobaby biosensor pajamas

Exmovere has a soft spot for your little ones as the company is on track to roll out its Exmobaby biosensor pajamas sometime next year. Just what kind of high tech wizardry can be included into a pajamas, you ask? For starters, the Exmobaby was specially created to sense heart rate, emotions and actions, where individual garmets will be equipped with a wireless transceiver that will be able to send data to a computer or cellphone. In this manner, parents can be alerted almost instantly to their little one’s well-being regardless of where they are (subject to signal strength, of course). Working parents can also experience better peace of mind, while new parents will definitely be on top of things in a much more efficient manner. No idea on pricing, but only 1,000 of such kits will roll out early next year.

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