FlyingLift Gives Your Camcorder A Better View

You may not always be able to get that high-altitude shot of the scene, especially if you’re in a crowded area or for some other reason. With that in mind, the FlyingLift that is due to be released later this year might be able to help. The FlyingLift is designed to carry a conventional video camera of up to 500 grams in weight up into the skies while beaming back images to the ground in real-time. The system consists of a carbon fiber chopper, a backpack-mounted receiver unit, a hand-held controller, and a set of video glasses (the Pirate Eye) that can show what the camera is seeing. The Pirate Eye glasses offer VGA (640 x 480) video to one eye and UV protection all the time since you’ll probably be staring at the skies a lot. Pricing wasn’t mentioned, but you can be sure that it’ll cost you a pretty penny.

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