Fujifilm Vintage-styled X100 Professional Compact Camera

If you want a digital camera that sports that nostalgic look, check out the FinePix X100 from Fujifilm, which is currently on show at Photokina. This 12.3-megapixel camera sports a 1950s metal-and-leather body style but is targeted at pros who need a close-up camera or hobbyists who enjoy macro photography. The APS-C sized sensor will give it light sensitivity which should be on par with a DSLR, which should help you take some good shots when coupled together with the 23mm f2 prime lens. A hybrid viewfinder is also included, allowing you to switch between an electronic or optical viewfinder, depending on your fancy. This camera is still a work in process, and it isn’t expected to launch until early 2011, so we’ll have to be patient for the next few months.

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