Fujitsu hails wireless charging future in 2012

Going wireless has been the dream for many for quite some time already, and Fujitsu clearly believes that additional research in this segment of technology could eventually see the death of power cords as well, touting 2012 to be the year where it will sell products that can charge sans wires. Induction charging has already been around for some time already, although it has yet to catch on in a really big way but Fujitsu is looking at the larger picture – we’re talking about transmitting power within a computer chassis and charging electric cars instead of just juicing up your cellphone. This aim is hoped to be achieved via its technique known as magnetic resonance which sees a coil of wire and a capacitor work in tandem to create a resonance between it and the power receiver, albeit meeting obstacles in the form of high complexity of computer modeling, among other complications. Still, it seems that juice can be transmitted at 85% efficiency at the very least within range, and will run 150 times faster than with earlier methods. Bring it on already Fujitsu, we’re sick of carrying around cables in our notebook bag when traveling.

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