Heat-Proof Sensors to Help Predict Volcanic Eruptions From Deep Inside Volcanoes

Newcastle engineers are proposing a plan to create a heatproof wireless sensor that could be dropped deep into a volcano to help scientists learn more about, and predict, volcanic eruptions. The sensors would be dropped into a volcano’s caldera and would transmit chemical data, such as presence of sulphur or carbon dioxides. Utilizing silicon-carbide electronics, the engineers say that these sensors can withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees Celcius, which would withstand some levels of lava or magma, but not all. The challenge for the equipment is not only heat, but also to function and operate well under extreme conditions. Additionally, it seems that the Centre for Extreme Environment Tech may want to implement these sensors in other deployments, including underwater, in nuclear reactors, in extreme conditions of a jet engine, or out in space.

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