Light slows down using a knob

We know that we can control the brightness of certain bulbs in lamps by turning a knob, but DARPA recently issued a pretty tall order from science and tech communities – they’re asking UC Santa Cruz researchers to find a way to slow down the speed of light. What is refreshing is this – the researchers actually did as asked, where a tiny optical device that has been built into a silicon chip is capable of slowing the speed of light by a factor of 1,200 in the lab. To get a gist of how wonderful this achievement is, “slow light” as it is called has been produced in the past although it happened in special, lab-induced conditions and more often than not, at very low temperatures, making the entire process too complicated for practical use. The UC Santa Cruz team however, managed to get their device working at room temperature, where it can also be reproduced in market quantities. Don’t you just feel as though you’ve picked up a Mount Olympus PR by being able to control light’s speed?

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