Mercedes Benz weaves Magic into future saloons

The name Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury automobiles, and the German company has recently called its latest suite of driver convenience aids “Magic,” and will dignify that with a Magic Carpet Magic Body Control suspension technology and a Magic Sky Control roof tech in due time. Forget about pixie dust, all that you will see would be electro-hydraulic and magnetorheological engineering. The Magic Body Control is touted to be the next generation of Active Body Control, where it will be able to neutralize wheel and body movements at two different frequencies, resulting in 80% reduction of unsavory suspension reverberations. Expect this dream ride to appear on the S-Class and CL-Class in 2013. As for Magic Sky Control, it will enter into action in next year’s SLK model, functioning in a similar manner as that of photochromatic sunglasses which get darker in the sun (why didn’t anyone implement that before?). That doesn’t mean you can’t go out and grab a pair of fashionable sunnies to go with your ride, of course.

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