Microneedle patch delivers drugs painlessly

Don’t we wish that we had stuff like the microneedle patch you see above here back in the days when you were a kid? Yeah, boffins at the Georgia Institute of Technology managed to come up with a patch of tiny needles that are capable of delivering drugs painlessly and easily. While molecules of many drugs are too large to be delivered via the skin, and would not fit through newer microneedles, researchers at Purdue University managed to come up with a solution – a new kind of pump which will be able to pump out enough force, squeezing drugs through microneedle patches to hail the dawn of the day when hypodermic needles are no longer needed. The pump itself will be able to hold both drug and liquid which will boil at body temperature, which means the resulting vapor can then exert enough pressure to force the drug through the 20-micron-wide needles. Basically, you need the heat of a single finger to activate the pump. Where are they going to store the microneedle patch then when it is not in use since it is so temperature sensitive?

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