Mushroom Networks announces PortaBella wireless Broadband Bonding appliance

Mushroom Networks could very well be the first in the industry to introduce a wireless Broadband Bonding appliance known as PortaBella, where it is touted to deliver the fastest Internet connection available for both mobile and portable deployments. This hardy device will target various industries including Defense, Government and Emergency Response, where they require high-speed Internet connectivity off-site and more often than not, under extreme conditions – we’re talking about the PortaBella singing well within a temperature range of -4 to158 Fahrenheit (-20 to 70 Celsius). Basically, PortaBella will aggregate the bandwidth capacity of as many as four USB based cellular wireless Internet access cards into a single connection. Since it is small and lightweight, you can bring this with you just about anywhere you go. No more excuse for not checking your email even when you’re exploring volcanoes, eh? [Press Release]

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