New Airline Seat Design Turns Economy Class Into Cattle Class

We’ve all alluded to euphemisms of being packed like cattle when traveling coach, but SkyRider’s newly designed space-saving airline seats will take that a step further by cramming more cramped seats into jetliners that already have cramped seats to begin. The new seats will have users sitt perched on top of a contour molded seat cushion design that’s akin to a saddle. The seats don’t recline, and because these seats are a little more raised than traditional seats, your legs get tucked into the seat of the person sitting in front of you.

These new seats from SkyRider should save airlines a fare amount of space, though no airline has yet committed to these seats. The seat pitch on the SkyRider system, which is the distance between seats, is just 23-inches. Traditional coach seats have an approximate 31-inch pitch, and budget airliner Southwest offers 32-33 inches of seat pitch. However, while these seats may be uncomfortable and awkward–needless to say–on longer flights, they may be more comfortable for taller people on shorter flights due to the leg positioning and by eliminating the reclining seat of the person in front.

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