PocketCPR helps you get it right in an emergency

Learning how to perform CPR the right way could come in handy during emergencies when everyone else around you is a headless chicken. Being calm and collected, you can help save a life with the right timing and rhythm, but what happens when you feel that your nerves are frazzled as well? Be prepared with the PocketCPR device – this little medical gadget aims to instill confidence when it comes to administering CPR, relying on audio and visual instructions while helping a user walk through the preliminary stages such as checking for the victim’s responsiveness as well as summoning help. Should you perform CPR, it will then use an accelerometer to measure the rate and depth of chest compressions to make sure they’re properly done and with the right timing via an audible metronome in order to improve the technique’s effectiveness. Already approved by the FDA, it can be purchased for $149 a pop.

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