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[Mobilize 2010] AdelaVoice is launching StartTalking at Mobilize 2010, a free Android 2.0 application that let’s people dictate messages and listen to messages using voice commands, allowing them to text while driving without having to touch a single button or look at a screen. The application runs with the mobile phone’s display screen off, preventing the driver from looking at the display while preserving the phone battery life, brilliant! Users speak their phone’s pre-assigned name, which “wakes up” the handset then, they can initiates the voice commands.

In addition to text messages, StartTalking supports creating audio recordings sends them through AdelaVoice’s Short Voice Service (SVS) to any mobile smartphone Chris Hassett, CEO, AdelaVoice, showed me a demo and it worked pretty well, Check out the demo video above.

StartTalking is in open beta and works with smartphones running Android 2.0 . You can download it from the Android Market or from on an Android phone’s browser. StartTalking works with wired headsets or the Android handset’s speakerphone function. For more information, visit To view AdelaVoice’s Chris Hassett and StartTalking live from Mobilize 2010, you can watch the live Launchpad! Webcast that begins at 5:50 p.m. PDT (exact programming time is dependent on the event schedule).

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