Super WiFi Coming Soon

If the FCC has its way, we can see “super WiFi” technology coming soon, which the regulatory agency is dubbing as such for its long range and wall penetration capabilities. The agency is expected to vote on new rules on September 23, of which the discussion on super WiFi should come into play.

The agency had decided two years ago to open up the airwaves between TV channels, known as white spaces, for wireless broadband use. However, at the time, there were uncertainties including interference, that prevented any firm decisions. Now, the FCC is saying it is ready to make that decision, and that the agency is hoping that super WiFi technology will take off much like how WiFi has taken off in the consumer electronics space.

The agency is hoping to make the white spaces available for free use and without requiring specific permission, much like what it has done for Bluetooth and WiFi signals currently. Additionally, the agency is hoping to also reserve channels for microphone use–both minor microphone use and for major wireless microphone use like in sports stadiums.

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