The Bees Awards: International Social Media Award Show

Ubergizmo is a media partner of the Bees Awards, the first international social media award show for communication and marketing professionals. There’s only 10 days left to submit work, and Ubergizmo readers can get a 10% discount on the entry fee using the promo code Uber10 in the submission page:

The jury is composed by 20 of the most renowned experts from 13 different countries. The event will take place at The Legion of Honor in San Francisco on November 9, 2010 and will be live-streamed. You will find more information at

Why an award show:

Social media is left out by most advertising and PR award shows. The Bees Awards want to reflect this new expertise of social media marketing and answer 3 needs of the industry:

  • 1. Bring attention to the social media industry
  • 2. Help define the best practices
  • 3. Acknowledge & celebrate the best players in the industry

On the jury:

Social media is a worldwide phenomenon. Every country has its own market. According to the Bees Award organizers, they took great care in their jury selection. The show mainly selected people who had marketing expertise (rather than business expertise) and who had a local implementation. Living in the US, we all tend to know only US experts. Being an international event, it was essential for the Bees Awards producers to pick people who have a notoriety present outside of the United States. For instance, Dave Duarte (South Africa), Johan Ronnestam (Sweden), Rajiv Dingra (India) are not known in America but are highly regarded in their own country community. The Bees Awards believe that it is impossible to truly be international without being local.

More information:

The entry process is confidential, although we can reveal some information. So far:

  • The Bees Awards have received entries from each continent.
  • 68% of our entries come from large brands.
  • Many major agencies have submitted their work.

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