TravelTeq aluminum suitcase also functions as seat and speaker

Traveling can be fun for the first few times, but if you happen to be a jet setter who needs to cross continents weekly while living out of a suitcase, such a lifestyle can get pretty tiring after a while. After all, we aren’t really feeling nomadic these days, right? TravelTeq’s aluminum suitcase comes in handy thanks to Acquire, where it can be folded out to turn into a seat (just in case there are long waiting times at the airport) to provide you with some rest in your personal space instead of jostling with the rest of the crowd. Not only that, the TravelTeq is handy by doubling up as an option charging and speaker system which has been built straight into the case. Of course, it won’t be cheap at all at $700 a pop, so you might want to ask your superiors to get this for you so that you can arrive at your business destination refreshed.

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