Wacky and Practical Google 10^100 Ideas That Got Funded


As part of the company’s initiative to spur innovation that will change the world, Google had announced to give funding to some ideas as part of its 10^100 project–some ideas are practical and useful, others prove to be whacky. Let’s take a look at three of the 10^100 projects that got funded out of the 150,000 entries that Google had received.

The first project is from a company called Schweek, that combines monorail with bicycles. Basically, pedal yourself from atop mounted rails in an urban setting. The project got $1 million in funding to test the concept in an urban environment. We’re not sure how this project’s going to work out, but we’re guessing it’s going to require more manpower than just riding a bicycle around as attendants would be required to get people into and out of their clear tubular capsules, much like at a theme park.

The next idea is a bit more practical, scoring a $2 million win for Carl Malamud to create a website called Law.Gov, which aims to make all of the country’s legal materials available to read for free on the Internet. Also, the Khan Academy, another practical idea, will provide free education to anyone on the Internet with an online video lecture library. We’re wondering if Google may want to launch a YouTube educational library in the future and snap this idea and its creators up, forming a rival to the iTunes EDU market. Math and science and robotics are other concepts that got funding to round out the five projects that Google had selected.

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