Want to Control Your Brain? There's an App and Third-Party Hardware for That.

Want to know how focused or relaxed you are? There’s an iPhone app and accessory that can help. Developed by PLX Devices, Inc., Xwave is a head-worn accessory that will connect via your iPhone’s headphone jack and measure electrical impulses sensed through the wearer’s forehead and convert these analog signals into digital signals. You can even use the hardware accessory and free app as a graphical visualizer for your songs.

According to PLX,

The App allows you to become familiar with controlling objects with your mind and gives you an opportunity to train your brain to control its attention and meditation levels. With the application you will have to go through different stages to control the function of your brain. Objectives include: having to levitate a ball for a certain amount of time, change a color based on the relaxation of your brain and training your brain to maximize its attention span. Another app that is available for download from iTunes is XWave Tunes. This app will allow users to connect with each other through the music that stimulates their brainwaves.

The hardware accessory to measure the transmitted electrical pulses on your forehead costs $99, and the app is free. You can learn more about Xwave through the PLX webpage.

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