Wii Paddle not as useless as other Wii peripherals

Ever since Nintendo released the Wii Sports game with the console’s release, we have chanced across a bunch of ‘accessories’ (if you can call them that) which supposedly enhances your gaming experience, although we beg to differ since they are just plastic appendages of a golf club or baseball bat with a cavity to place your Wiimote within. Well, this unique table tennis bat comes with standard Wii controls built-in, as well as Motion Plus technology to make it all the more accurate during your table tennis outings. The bat itself seemed to boast a similar weight distribution, lending a familiar feel to it which is comparable to it’s non-electronic counterpart. Of course, to make sure the Wiimote features and MotionPlus works perfectly, this unique peripheral will come with a battery and charger. We foresee you would get the most fun out of this with the Wii Sports Table Tennis game. No idea on when this unique accessory will be released around the globe, but we think it has much more potential compared to other half-hearted attempts as a Wii accessory.

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