YouTube Social Lets You Have a Viewing Party With Online Friends

Did you find a laugh out loud funny YouTube video? A wannabe-Idol who thinks she’s got talent but is a train wreck and a disaster? Those videos are best watched in the same room with friends so you guys can judge, mock, laugh, and roll on the floor laughing like the panel of judges led by Simon Cowell. However, the fun and interactivity of YouTube video spectating may be lost when all you do is send a link to a video over email or IM and are not all sitting in the same room. Enter a company called Socialvision, which has created a Web portal called YouTube Social that allows you to watch videos alongside with friends, connect with Facebook, comment and chat. The concept is that whoever has the remote has the floor to make the comments; pass the remote to your friend and s/he can add to commenting. According to the site, whoever has the remote also controls the playback. So if you want to replay a blooper, you can rewind and all your friends will see the same video clip as if they’re in the same room watching it on the same screen as you.

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