Apricorn makes room for 750GB Aegis Padlock external hard drive

Apricorn’s previous family of the Aegis Padlock external hard drives has just gotten a new addition – one that has a rather roomy 750GB of storage space, of course. Apart from the extra space to hold all your downloaded content and burgeoning high definition movie collection, everything else about the Aegis Padlock remains the same, being a decent offering where secure personal storage is concerned. It won’t be too expensive to adopt in your home or organization either at less than $200 a pop. Aegis Padlock’s integrated hardware encryption, software-free design, and ability to work on any platform makes it extremely favorable to see action in both corporate environments as well as frequent travelers who tote around their precious data wherever they go. Definitely worth looking into if you want to make sure no one else will be able to access your secret stash of personal home videos. [Press Release]

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