Black & Decker wants to help you juice up your portable electronics in vehicle

Black & Decker will cater to road warriors who own a slew of gizmos in their latest releases, which will include the 800 Watt Power Inverter (PI800BB), the 500W 2-in-1 Vehicle Power Supply (PI500BB) and the Electronics Power Converter (PI100BB). All of them will target consumers on-the-go, where you will benefit from the convenience of electric power from a car, SUV, truck or minivan. The 800-Watt Power Inverter is capable of pumping out 800 watts of juice as its name suggests, while the lesser 500-Watt 2-in-1 Vehicle Power Supply allows you to juice up small electronics up to 100 watts via a 12-Volt outlet (cigarette lighter), or power appliances up to 500 watts by connecting directly to the battery. As for the 100-Watt Electronics Power Converter, it will play nice with AC and USB outlets to power smaller electronics including handsets and MP3 players right from the comfort of your car. No idea on pricing as they aren’t even listed on Black & Decker’s website just yet though. [Press Release]

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