Cell speaker dock concept

Cell speaker dock concept

Speaker docks are dime a dozen, but designer Adrian Canoso decided to literally take matters into his own hands with the Cell wireless portable speaker. What makes it different from all of the others out there? Well, it will feature a design that’s pleasing to the eye, boasting a Fibonacci sequence of 1620 holes, with a lithium polymer battery powering it as it hooks up to compatible devices sans wires courtesy of Bluetooth connectivity. The retractable iPod dock will also be able to let you make phone calls thanks to a built-in microphone, not to mention an integrated alarm clock that helps you wake up in the morning to your favorite tunes. An LED display shows the time, track and call information, and you can even swing its handle at 180° angles for more fun whenever you bring it outside with you. Will it ever make it to the market? Perhaps…

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