Clearwire comes clean with throttling issue

Remember our previous story on speculation that Clearwire could very well be throttling the speed of home WiMAX users? Well, Clearwire has come up with an explanation, where representative Rob Lenderman reminded customers that usage data is processed using several algorithms instead of focusing on selected content or placing a specific cap on monthly data use. This means it is based on current utilization for individual towers, while other numerous low-use towers are completely omitted from the program. Where high-use towers are concerned, throttling will only happen during peak-use times. Speeds are recalculated every quarter of the hour, where a throttled customer will be bumped up to a higher speed if detected. There isn’t just a one-speed limit for throttling, as calculations will move customers between 48 different speed brackets. Do you think that this explanation is satisfactory enough?

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